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- 2015 -

The species concept, thematic subject in natural sciences – the scientific approaches of Emil G. Racovitza and Nicolae Botnariuc

Cuvinte cheie: Species concept, genealogic approach, systems approach, evolutionary biology, thematic subjects, natural sciences

Articol: EMIL G.RACOVITZA supported a Genealogic species concept, expressed as “a colony of isolated consanguines”. The RACOVITZA’s concept considers species as homogenous lineages of organisms which evolve during their history. Description of such entities requires the recognition of primitive and derived states of the morphologic traits

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Synaphris lehtineni, Marusik, Gnelista and Kovliuk, 2005 (Synaphridea, Araneae) – new record for the Romanian fauna

Cuvinte cheie: Araneae, Synaphridae, Synaphris, new record, Romania

Articol: Synaphris lehtineni is presented for the first time in the Romanian fauna. The genus Synaphris and family Synaphridae are also new to the Romanian fauna. The currently known distribution of this species is also given

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First record of three oribatid mites species (Acari: Oribatida) in the Romanian fauna

Cuvinte cheie: Oribatid mites, Eupelops plicatus, Ommatocepheus ocellatus, Oribatella longispina, Romania, Piatra Craiului

Articol: The authors present three new records of oribatid mites species from Piatra Craiului Mountains, Romania. Ommatocepheus ocellatus, Eupelops plicatus, and Oribatella longispina are presented as new records for the Romanian fauna, with notes on their morphology, taxonomic status and distribution

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New records and rare species of Collembola for the Romanian fauna (Leaota Massif, Southern Carpathians)

Cuvinte cheie: Collembola, Leaota Massif, Romania, new records

Articol: The authors present two Collembola species collected from the Leaota Massif, Southern Carpathians (Deuteraphorura cebennaria (Gisin, 1956) and Pygmarrhopalites cochlearifer (Gisin, 1947)), which are reported as new for the Romanian fauna. Also, other two species (Isotomurus fucicolus (Reuter, 1891) and Desoria tigrina Nicolet, 1842) are considered rare, being recorded for the second time in the collembolan fauna of Romania

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Mammal Fauna (Mammalia) of the Buzău and Teleajen Valleys (Eastern Carpathians – Romania)

Cuvinte cheie: Distribution, density, habitats, ecosystems, protection, control

Articol: A number of 54 mammal species were identified from the two studied areas (Buzău and Teleajen Valleys), 40 species being common in both sites. Eleven species were recorded only in the Buzău Valley and in addition other three species only in the Teleajen Valley. Information about the home range as well as about the approximately density is given for most of the presented species

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Revised and commented checklist of mammal species of the Romanian fauna

Cuvinte cheie: Species and subspecies, recent mammals, distribution, conservation

Articol: Due to the permanent influences of different factors (habitat degradation andfragmentation, deforestation, infrastructure and urbanization, natural extension or decreasing of some species’ distribution, increasing number of alien species etc.), from time to time the faunistic structure of a certain area is changing. As a result of the permanent and increasing anthropic and invasive species’ pressure, our previous checklist of recent mammals from Romania (since 1984) became out of date

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Dumitru Murariu, Ph. D., corresponding member of the Romanian Academy, Deputy Director of “Emil Racoviță” Institute of Speleology Bucharest, at his 75th birth anniversary

Cuvinte cheie: Dumitru Murariu

Articol: Dumitru Murariu was the initiator of a histology and histochemistry laboratory and later supported the organization of the molecular genetic research at the Bucharest’s Natural History Museum – of great interest for modern taxonomy studies and for determining the post-glacial geographical distribution of some invertebrate and vertebrate species. He firstly attested in the Bucharest Museum’s history a number of 12 museologists as researchers, since 1991

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