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- 2012 -

Essai d’analyse critique des principales hypothèses concernant la phylogenie des Malacostracés (Crustacea, Malacostraca) (2éme partie)

Cuvinte cheie: Crustacea, Malacostraca revised systematics, Cephalothoracarida new infraclass, Synneocarida new subcohort

Articol: A revised classification of Malacostraca based on a phylogenetic analysis is presented. For this purpose 68 morphological characters were cladistically treated using the parsimony programme Paup 4.10. The system here proposed is a reflection of the cladistic tree produced by TABACARU and DANIELOPOL (2011)

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Half a century after Ionescu’s work on Romanian Diplura – A faunal contribution based on material collected from karst areas

Cuvinte cheie: Diplura, karst areas, Lithocampa montana n. comb., redescription of taxa

Articol: The main publication on the Romanian diplurans belongs to M.A. Ionescu who inventoried 22 species mainly from soil and forest litter from 22 collecting points. The further faunal investigation of two caves (Peştera Izvorul Tăuşoarelor and Peştera Movile) allowed Condé to describe other four new taxa, three species and one subspecies. This paper represents the first study at a national level, half century after Ionescu’s contribution.

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Carniella mihaili (Georgescu, 1994) – New combination of genus and description of the male (Araneae, Theridiidae)

Cuvinte cheie: Araneae, Theridiidae, taxonomy, Carniella, Theonoe, Marianana, Romania

Articol: The author gives a new taxonomic combination of Theonoe mihaili (Georgescu, 1989) based on the discovery of the unknown male up to the present paper. The description of the male and the discussion on the new taxonomic combination are made

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Two new records of springtails (Hexapoda: Collembola) for the Romanian Fauna – Maramureş county

Cuvinte cheie: Collembola, Maramures County, Romania, new records

Articol: The studies concerning the Collembola from the Maramureş County are recent (DANYI et al., 2006; DANYI and TRASER, 2008). The first paper on the fauna of springtails of Maramureş (DANYI et al., 2006) records of 67 species. The second one (DANYI and TRASER, 2008) added further 10 species to this list. Among these 77 species of Collembola, 9 species are new for the Romanian fauna and 3 species are new to the science

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Cuvinte cheie: In memoriam, Lazar Botoseneanu

Articol: Some of the biologists belonging to his generation (S.N.) have known Lazar Botoseneanu starting with the period when he activated as assistant of Traian Orghidan – Professor of Hydrobiology at the Faculty of Biology of the University in Bucharest. Both of them (Orghidan and Botoseneanu) were disciples of Acad. Prof. Constantin Motaş, himself being instructed by Ion Borcea (University of Iasi) and by Louis Léger (Grenoble)

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ALEXANDRINA NEGREA (23 August 1930–2 May 2012). Her life and scientific contributions

Cuvinte cheie: In memoriam, Alexandrina Negrea

Articol: Special homage on the behalf of her biologist colleagues and those who knew the distinguished lady of the Romanian Biology – Dr. Alexandrina Negrea. She worked with competence and passion between 1953–2011 and published 100 scientific papers in malacology, ecology (biospeleology, hydrobiology etc.), ethology, biogeography, nature conservation and history of science fields (see attached List of her published papers)

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